Is it money or happiness? Or is it something beyond our general understanding, or is it a combination of things. After years of observing and working with individuals of diverse backgrounds, I have learned that money has ruined many genuine attributes that one maintains, nevertheless, money is what makes the world go round. Many of my fashion start-up clients come to my office and lack a certain strength, which I describe as “CONFIDENCE”. I believe that this insecurity evolves from a lack of family support, money and ambition towards a concrete goal. So does being successful mean having enough money to buy Chanel bags and afford every pair of Louboutins? I don’t think so. To me success means being happy at what you do and following your passion. I am a true believer that if you go outside in NYC and look around at every business, brand or store, and think about its history, there had to be a dreamer involved in at least half, if not more, of these prosperous dealings. Hence, follow your dreams and do not let anyone or anything drag you down because being successful means being happy from the moment you wake up.


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