Everything You Need to Know About a Trademark

Trademark law is one of the most important and commonly called upon, facets of the modern legal world, especially when it comes to modern business practices and how it relates to everything we see in our daily lives, including brands, companies, logos, and much more. According to Ms. Biana Borukhovich, Esq. the top trademark attorney NYC has to offer, a trademark itself is a word, phrase, logo, or symbol that represents a company or its products. A trademark protects a company’s intellectual property from others looking to use it without payment or any sort of written or n-person consent – this is often where points of contention occur amongst businesses as they might be stepping on one another’s intellectual property, or IP. This is why it’s so important when seeking a trademark law firm New York City client should try to get a full and complete history of the firm and find out if they have worked similar cases that are in a similar vein as their own. However, when it comes to a trademark law firm New York trademark attorney, Ms. Biana Borukhovich, and her team are known to offer some of the best and most professional service across the city. And as per her knowledge in the trademark field, in order for clients to qualify for a federal trademark, register with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, otherwise known as the USPTO, there are two important stipulations that you must have.

· You must use or intend to use the mark in commerce.

· The mark must be distinctive to your business, and not have any ties to other companies outside of your own.

By acquiring a trademark, individuals are allotted a certain protection on their intellectual property and therefor can often relax and focus on using their trademark to now perform the business functions as needed. As the Trademark Attorney has practicing, Ms. Borukhovich, understands that trademarks protect certain aspects of an individual’s business and distinguishes your company and their products from those of other businesses. We are able to trademark the following items (as long as they relate to commerce):

· The name of companies or products.

· Words or slogans that relate to brands or marketing campaigns.

· Logos or symbols that identify your brand.

· Sounds, colors, and scents specific to your brand.

There are four general types of marks that exist, those include:

· Arbitrary: These marks are terms that don’t directly suggest the company. The first company to use a suggestive mark can claim trademark rights. Coppertone is a suggestive mark.

· Fanciful: These marks are inherently original terms or logos, For example, the Kodak logo is a fanciful mark.

· Suggestive: These marks describe the goods or suggest the company. The first company to use a suggestive mark can claim trademark rights. Coppertone is a suggestive mark.

· Descriptive: A company trademark this type of mark only if it has as secondary meaning in the minds of consumers. Holiday Inn is an example or a descriptive mark.

The fact is that while the above ideas will help you understand how a trademark might work, it is important for individuals to find a quality trademark law firm New York attorney Biana Borukhovich and her team are here to assist you in all aspects of trademark law and intellectual property law. For more information or to schedule a consult, be sure to contact Ms. Borukhovich today.

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