As per tradition, I feel the urge to blog about fashion week and the experiences that I encountered from the legal/business perspective that may have been indistinguishable to the artsy community. This season was a bit of a hassle. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started on a holy Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, which barred many individuals, including myself from attending for the first few days.

Nevertheless, the days that I did attend the MBFW and outside shows, I realized the negative impact that the economy had on many of the companies. Some of the brands, such as Betsey Johnson that usually reserved the big runway show rooms at Lincoln Center had downgraded to the smaller rooms. Furthermore, most companies refrained from giving goodie bags and seemed a bit more frugal. Fashion will live forever, however the foregoing observances make me ponder about how many fashion companies will survive this downward spiral. I hope most!

On a brighter note, this season I attended about 20 fashion shows. Some of these shows made my heart pump and my eyes smile. My favorite lines of the season had to be Karolina Zmarlak, Dennis Basso and Naeem Khan. These lines were exquisite. I was extremely impressed by Karolina Zmarlak’s line. She had one of the classiest/sexiest lines that I saw all season. Her dresses are conservative enough to dress up for work and sexy enough to dress down for going out. I am truly shocked that her line stuck out in my head for so long because her line was one of the first ones that I saw this season. Mind you there were 320 shows this Fashion Week (Of course I didn’t attend all).
Furthermore, both Dennis Basso’s and Naeem Khan’s lines were stunning. The colors, styles and most importantly the detail that they expressed within each article of clothing were timeless. Can’t wait to see what they invent next season. And yes I meant to say invent. Their pieces are a work of art that shall be appreciated as such.

I Would like to conclude by stating that the more times I attend fashion week, the more my appreciation grows for the hard working people within the industry such as the photographers. I followed a fellow photographer friend around for half of his work day and thought I was going to faint. Never doing that again 🙂
Enjoy all of the pictures!!!

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