First and foremost, I find it completely ludicrous that at such important times in our country when we should be trying to focus on finding the right leader for our nation, the wives of these runner-ups are being judged based on their attire. Are we also voting based on these factors? Yes, I am a true fashionista and I love when women dress to impress, however I believe that there is always a place and time for everything.

During Obama’s presidency, Michelle Obama, the first lady has been followed as a fashion icon. Did we forget what is truly commendable? How about the fact the Mrs. Obama went to Harvard Law School or that she is a mother. Last week, Ann Romney was praised for her fashion forward attire. She wore a red belted knee length Oscar de la Renta dress to the Republican National Convention. A writer for Fashionista stated “We’ll leave it to the political pundits to determine whether Romney succeeded in humanizing her husband and appealing to the all-important woman voter”. Wow, I can’t believe that such influences have an impact on individuals vote within our economically declining society. This should be Illegal!

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