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4 Things You Should Know About Immigration and Citizenship in NYC

As one of the biggest cities in the world, and one that is made up of the highest immigrant populations in the entire world, New York City has always been somewhat of a safe haven for the immigrants of the world. Those of us who have grown up in the city, are introduced to every type of person from a young age – whether its age, race, nationality, station in life, and much more – being a native New Yorker and spending a number of years around so many rich and diverse cultures helps you to not only be accepting of individuals from all walks of life, but to truly understand the difficulty within their plight and why its important that those of us who are native to the United States, or have become naturalized and earned citizenships or permanent residencies, should do our part to help those families and individuals in need. As the top immigration lawyer NYC has in practice, and running the top immigration law firm New York has around, Ms. Biana Borukhovich, Esq. and her team have spent years helping clients deal with a wide variety of immigration issues, from citizenships to residencies, and helping individuals acquire visas for travel, and a whole lot more. Despite how many immigrants are in NYC, and the fact that it has always been considered a sanctuary city, designed to help those individuals in dire need, one of the biggest issues is the lack of education on topics surrounding immigration actions – and how certain designations and other documents are attained. Some believe this is done purposely to make it difficult on the immigrants to gain naturalization, however, according to Ms. Borukhovich, the Best Immigration Lawyer NYC has to offer, and her team at the top immigration law firm New York has in practice, the important thing for such individuals is to seek out the knowledge on their own because no one will be willing enough to do it for you. Whether that means going online for hours at a time or visiting certain government buildings and gathering as many pamphlets as possible, it must be done. To better help those individuals who are in need of education on the subject, here are the five most important things to know about immigration and citizenship law.

· Resident Green Card

In order to naturalize, an individual must have been a permanent resident, also known as a green card holder. As per Ms. Borukhovich, and her team at the top immigration law firm New York has to offer, this must have been held for at least 5 consecutive years. This number drops down to three years, if you have been married and living within the same US citizen spouse, while being a permanent resident. Special rules apply to asylees, refugees, active military service members and veterans. Another important stipulation that you must make clear, is if you have been abroad for more than six continuous months, you may need to explain why you were away so long. As the top immigration lawyer NYC has practicing, Ms. Borukhovich will have to make special arrangements for those who might have been away for more than a year straight – as she can help you further your application before applying for US citizenship.

· Family Members

For those individuals with family members who have been naturalized, they might qualify for a green card. The spouse of a US citizen or permanent resident, son or daughter of a US citizen – whether they are married or single – also if they have an unmarried son or daughter, and those who are the brother or sister, who is a permanent resident or a US citizen.

· Adjustment of Status

In addition, those individuals who have been to the US prior to this time, and met with an immigration officer, have the opportunity to interview for a permanent residency or green card. According to Ms. Borukhovich, and her team at the Law Offices of Biana Borukhovich, the top immigration law firm New York has in practice, this is a popular process known as an Adjustment of Status. However, you must be the spouse of a US citizen, parent of a US citizen that is 21 or older, or if you are an unmarried child under 21 of someone who is a US citizen.

· Children of Green Card Holders

In addition, if you had gotten your green card prior to the age of 18, and you have one parent that attained their US citizen before you turned 18, you can then apply, and will be granted an automatic citizenship through your parent.

The important thing to understand is that if you are denied naturalization for any reason, with the help of a qualified attorney, you will be able to file an appeal through the Board of Immigration Appeals. For more information on US naturalization, be sure to contact the Law Offices of Biana Borukhovich today.

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