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6 Immigration Law Tips to Obtain Visas or Residency in the US

In this day and age, when it comes to immigration, our current presidential administration has been quite hard on those looking to cross the United States borders – whether that be to gain citizenship or to obtain rights that are often afforded to those seeking the rights of residency. While the Trump administration was already fairly harsh on immigration, the recent pandemic has done little to help, only making immigration rights far more difficult than they have ever been in years past. The United States was always looked upon as a nation of promise, one win which individuals could seek asylum for the issues occurring in their foreign lands – allowing them to live a life of happiness and promise, rather than one of persecution and difficulty that they were forced into in their “mother country”. According to Ms. Biana Borukhovich, the Best Immigration Attorney New York has to offer, many clients have chosen some of the hardest times in which to attempt to gain entry into the US. The fact is, even before the present pandemic of COVID-19, the administration was treating individuals from certain parts of the world like lepers – absolutely refusing their entry. However, with the recent pandemic having taken foot, the administration not only has a new and somewhat reasonable means of denying entry as well as visas, but one that actually has much of the country backing the president up on – due to the fears of further spreading the virus. Regardless of any immigration law office New York natives look to in an effort to bring their loved ones over here, the current issues have caused issues even amongst those individuals who have already started the process long before the pandemic even began.

When you look at what’s going on, Ms. Borukhovich, considered by many to be the best immigration attorney New York has to offer, has little to no power in being able to assist them when the federal government steps in to deny entry to even the most well-vetted of candidates. Still, as she runs the best immigration law office New York has in practice, she must give her clients the absolute best advice to at least have a chance – either now or when things begin to open up again. Here are a few important tips that should help.

· Expect Delays

This is become more and more obvious but as time goes on, even running the best law firm Fresh Meadows has in practice, Ms. Borukhovich has little to no power in being able to expedite the process. However, she can help you to do your best to be careful – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is constantly behind schedule. Some applications can take up to three years to process. If your green card or immigration visa has expired, the immigration authorities can arrest and even deport you – even if you have applied for renewal and are just awaiting your renewed green card or immigration visa.

· Try for Citizenship if Applicable

For those individuals that might already have a green card, and are considering staying in the USA, file for U.S. citizenship as soon as the laws allow you. According to the Best Immigration Lawyer New York

has to offer, most people can apply for citizenship five years after their green card is granted, or three years or less if they have a citizen-spouse or obtained their green card through marriage. Citizenship protects you against certain grounds for deportation, which you would be subject to with just a green card. Having citizenship also makes your close relatives more likely to secure a legal status in the USA.

· Try to Avoid Summary Removal

Summary removal occurs when the officials at the border have to turn you away from entering the USA at the border. You can avoid this by preparing yourself to convince border officials that you deserve an immigration visa. They have the power to turn you away if they think you are a security risk or if they believe you have lied in order to get your immigration visa. If you are only coming to the USA as a tourist, be sure not to pack anything that would imply you intend to stay, such as a wedding dress or job resume.However, representing the best law firm Fresh Meadows has to offer, Ms. Biana has come across quite a few immigrant clients, who’s family members failed using this tactic – as it may no longer work.

· Filing Multiple Visa Petitions

Throughout her time as the best immigrant attorney New York has dealing such visa issues, one of the most interesting tricks that has been known to work is the use of multiple petitions at once. For instance, if you are applying for a green card or immigration visa through the petition of a family member, check if more than one of your family members is eligible to petition for you.

· Keep Copies & Stay Current on Your Application Status

Ironically enough, the USCIS is known to habitually lose paperwork, in many cases, the most vital piece of paperwork an individual need. This is why as the leader of the best immigration law firm Fresh Meadows has to offer, Ms. Biana, recommends all clients keep backups as well, hard copies and computer files – her practice tries to stay current with the papers, however, things can get lose in the shuffle.

· Appeal to Higher Authority

One way in which Ms. Borukhovich has been able to make some headway with her clients in years past has been by contacting those in a position of higher authority. Being at the helm of the best immigration law office New York has to offer, Ms. Biana has been able to address certain congress people for help, or even to inquire with specific agencies on your behalf.

For more information on immigration law, or to schedule a consult, be sure to contact Ms. Borukhovich today.

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