More of Fashion Week

On my fourth day of Fashion Week, I attended an upcoming designer’s, Edwing D’Angelo, Spring 2013 runway show. His collection made me want to move to a warm place. The bathing suits that were displayed were colorful and playful. In addition, his cover-up line was as equally unique. Edwing made cover-ups for men that reminded me of Middle Eastern fashion. Although, I have a hard time envisioning men in NYC wearing the foregoing garment, I still admire this designer’s talent and technique.

The following day, I made my way down to the enchanting Meatpacking/Chelsea area in NYC, where fashion does not escape the streets. I hurried to the Von Vonni fashion exhibit, which was held at a brownstone in the area. The exhibit was classy and reminded me of a mixture between Ted Baker and Pucci. The styles were calm and upscale, however I wish that the exhibit took place in a bigger place so that on-lookers could have walked around the exhibit and appreciate every angle of this designer’s hard work.

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