Biana Borukhovich Esq The Law Office of Biana Borukhovich, PLLC covers a full range of legal services in New York. We focus in on each individual issue on a microscopic level and value every client as if they were a part of our family. We are dedicated to diligently representing our clients and look forward to helping you solve your legal issues.Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost to our clients.
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Biana Borukhovich Esq
I worked with Biana Borukhovich on a sensitive matter when it came to creating the last will and testament, power of attorney and a health proxy for my ailing mother. Biana was very sensitive to the personal element of these things, was compassionate and made my mom and me feel very comfortable with the whole process. She simplified the legal language into context we could all understand and made it easy to get the documents executed. Highly recommend working with her! Searching for the RIGHT lawyer was pretty stressful for me– Such high fees just to see if they would be the right fit for my business was hard as a start-up business. I was not sure what was the best place to start and I needed someone with the patience to listen and help me formulate the best plan for my business needs. Biana has exceeded my expectations far beyond my imagination. She is incredibly diligent, on top of her game and her prices as so fair. Biana has taken my business to a new level!! My firm retained Biana Boukhovich’s law firm to do a trademark filing for one of our products. Prior to hiring her, my partner and I met with several attorneys but each firm had some flaw or the other, either too aggressive, too expensive, too nice etc. Biana was very knowledgeable, straightforward and extremely patient. Her fees are fair and she is extremely diligent. Since hiring her office, she has gone above and beyond her stipulated contract to help us fine tune our Trademark. I am usually very selective in who I recommend but Biana is one of the few professionals I would have no hesitation endorsing.
Rating: 5 / 5 stars


The energy on the streets of New York is heavily felt during Fashion Week. The amazing fashion talents that we have showcasing their fabulous designs influences this unreal aurora. Yesterday while I was walking around the Lincoln Center, I felt as if I was a midget walking on the catwalk. Everyone was super tall and thin. The colors were bright and shining. I was in heaven, just like any fashionista would be!

During this event I got to visit Monika Chiang’s showcase, which was absolutely stunning, as you will note from the pictures I posted. The deep green silks that will make any woman’s skin glow and the chic designs, which are classy, but sexy that can be worn on a daily basis, was truly a great success. This exhibit was one of my favorites.

After Chiang’s Exhibit, I followed one of the funkiest designers I met, Andre Benton, to the ARISE MAGAZINE SHOW that showcased African Icons. During this show I was honored to see a few fashion lines by individuals such as Tiffany Amber , Tsemaye Binitie, Maki Oh, Gavin Rajah and the only and only Ozwald Boateng. Some of you may not know who Mr. Boeteng is, however I would like to clarify this… he is a fashion guru. He dresses A-listers for the Oscars.

The show was composed of full range of styles ranging from couture to daily wear to sexy little nothings. Every time each designer’s models walked the final run, you can tell the onlookers seemed to move to the end of their seats because the designs were just that good. I can honestly say that I love love love the direction that fashion is progressing. Now I just hope that all of the color and style be incorporated into the legal industry. I am tired of wearing BLACK!

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