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The Influential Nature of Being an Influencer

With social media one of the most ever-present aspects of our society – in essence social media and those at the helm of the world’s most popular accounts, have a means of controlling many aspects of our society, and playing on the heart strings of individuals from all types of different age groups, influencing their everyday choices, how they spend their money, what they choose to wear, how they eat and much more. In a way, being a social media influencer has probably got to be one of the greatest jobs in the entire world, at least that’s what it seems to be on paper. According to Ms. Biana Borukhovichh, the Best Trademark Attorney New York has to offer, one of the most import aspects of social media, for those looking at things from a purely business standpoint is that having a social platform that connects you to hundreds of thousands, even millions of people across the world, is a company’s wet dream and essentially a way to boost their marketing closure rates like no other – this is especially the case when you can find an influencer that matches your brand to a t.

For instance, as attractive as the image might be, you wouldn’t want Kyle Jennifer advertising a giant pair of fully covered overalls used for hunting the in the swamp. I mean while Kyle Jenner had essentially solidified things with her advertising her own multi-billion-dollar brand, just as an example, someone like her, especially in the early going, would be better off modeling some type of bikini line or lingerie as you’d want to play up her sex appeal. The fact is that once you are famous online you can’t command astronomical fees for the simplest of tasks, things that many of us would do for free, or even pay to do! According to Ms. Borukhovich, the best trademark attorney New York has to offer, in some cases, Kylie Jenner’s over 150 million followers, would land her one Instagram post worth over $1 million dollars for a single Instagram post, that took her less than a minute to do.

The fact is that being a social media attention comes with some prices of their own, firstly you now have millions of people fixated on your daily life and every single thing you are doing from the moment you wake up until you get to bed at night. In addition, social media has been used to harm people and possibly rob them. For instance, social media icons or musicians, who the world know have a lot of money on them and often carry large amounts of cash on them, may have posted that their location was in a certain area, and according to Ms. Borukhovich, they will then use the geotag the celebrity of influencer just left in an effort to possibly wait for them to leave and follow them home and rob them. This is how a very young and talented rapper passed away recently. Brooklyn’s Pop Smoke, RIP, he was killed at the age of only 20 years old, many believe because his address briefly appeared on social media. According to the best intellectual property lawyer NYC has to offer, Ms. Borukhovich this isn’t all that influencers on social media must be weary of. It might not always be robbers, it might be fanboys or fangirls, looking to take one picture and exposing your home address to do it, or there can even be stalkers who would do anything to be close to you.

Aside from just stalkers and people looking for a quick come up on another individual, social media may also not be a good idea as practices and ways to make money on social media are becoming more and more difficult, day by day. While in the past it was quite simple a company would simply ask to do a marketing deal, you’d negotiate the numbers, once you agreed, they send the contract, you e-signed it, and sent it back, did the post and anywhere from 5 to 7 figures may be directly sent to your bank account. However, in today’s times, according to Ms. Borukhovich, the best intellectual property lawyer NYC has to offer the FTC or Federal Trade Commission are stepping up its oversight of social media influencers. The FTC has made it clear that it is prepared to act against influencers and advertisers alike if a “material connection” between influencer and product is not made clear, and now appears to be cracking down. Among its recent actions is a $2.5 million settlement of a lawsuit that was the agency’s first involving “the sale of fake indicators of social media influence.” This has somewhat damaged the influencer economy, sure the biggest names will still get their big deals, but a lot of the smaller and medium sized ads are drying up, especially since a lot of clients must now tag their post as an “ad”. So much so that according to the best trademark attorney New York has to offer, companies are now simply cloning the influencer, and putting up a fake video of their cloned image. Quite scary to be honest, and as the best Intellectual property lawyer NYC has to offer, its fairly difficult for the companies to get away with using their likeness without some form of payment. This definitely has to be some type of violation and as a top trademark law firm Queens attorney Ms. Borukhovich, believe that influencers and their teams must be ready to fight the issue out in court, if it does move any further. As this could take millions out of the pockets of influencers in all fields.

And with such issues on the horizon as a result of the FTC, some of the most popular brands are seeing alternative options. Like Gap and Banana Republic are now paying select shoppers about $150 to write a short testimonial and pose for a few shots wearing the clothing they purchased. This is actually one of the smartest ideas to both involve clients and still be able to advertise while their go to influencers may not be able to use their own pages for some time. Then there is as we mentioned the nonhuman models. As the best trademark law firm Queens attorney Ms. Borukhovich may gather a number of her clients and help many influencers in the Instagram and Twitter and overall social media landscape to file a class action suit. While this is seen as being terrible for the models, and the agencies and what not, it might be a solution to a future issue when everything is done with AI or CGI. CGI, influencers are avatars created by programmers, and they can seem amazingly lifelike, both visually and in terms of their personalities. The number-one CGI influencer in the world is Lil Miquela, the creation of Brud, a Los Angeles computer software company that specializes in robotics and AI applications for the business world. At last count, Lil had 1.7 million Instagram followers, and was busy hawking the wares of several top companies, including Prada and Balenciaga. Those companies are attracted to Lil Miquela’s large and growing following of mostly young women and girls, and also to the fact that virtual influencers possess other advantages: (1) They’re cheaper. (2) They’re easier to work with.When working with a real influencer a brand needs to hire a marketer or an agency to help them devise the strategy, find influencers and then execute it, this is very expensive as they are paying both the influencer and the marketer. But when brands work with CGI influencers they are working with one company only, as the CGI influencers are usually owned by the agency. This reduces costs a great deal, but also puts a segment of others out of work for machines, that may be stealing aspects of their likeness. While running the best trademark law firm Queens has to offer, Ms. Borukhovich, believes these CGI imposters are working hard to put an entire segment of society out of business not even for machines, but for animations. Something just doesn’t sit well with that ideal. For more information or to schedule a consult with Ms. Borukhovich, be sure to contact us today.

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